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Naamkarann: Avni has left home. The entire family is in tension. Neil tells them that he is trying to find Avni, while they are doubting that he is not putting any efforts intentionally. He says its nothing like that as you all are thinking, I m desperate to get Avni. Shweta tells Neil that she wants her bahu back. She asks Neela to tell her where did Avni go, none can know Avni better than her. Neela sheds tears. She says I didn’t wish Avni’s life to become like her mum Aisha, I wanted her to get the life’s happiness, but Avni has left, she has sacrificed her life. Avni left from Neil’s life.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Bhairavi got a tantric baba to expose Simar. When he comes home, the family gets shocked. The man tells them that he has come home for how work and will take Mata Rani blessings. Bhairavi tells them that the Baba got blessed by Mata Rani and has big powers. Sameer asks what is all this, what is she doing, he has no belief in this. Simar meets the tantric, who checks her feet to know if she is a ghost. Simar doesn’t get tensed.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Doctor advises Shorvori not to keep the fast. Even then, she keeps the fast. Sargi ceremony happens well. Shorvori comes to the Bhanushali residence without informing anyone except Teni. Parth waits for Shorvori. She comes home to meet Teni. She collides with Parth. The lights go off. Parth gets happy sensing Shorvori. She manages to get away. Everyone stays busy in rituals. Parth looks for Shorvori, who asks Teni to pretend like her and break Parth’s fast. Teni gets helpless to break Parth’s fast and takes a disguise. She feeds the water to him.


The goons come to Gauri’s house to get the rent. The goons don’t give more time. Gauri begs them to give some time so that she can work and earn money. Omkara comes to her rescue. He pays the rent to goons. Gauri stops him from doing so, and says he doesn’t need to pay the rent, who is he, why is he helping her. Omkara helps her and asks her not to worry about returning money. He has realized his mistakes. He is ready to do anything for Gauri. He tells Gauri that he needed a home to stay, and he got the place now, he will stay with her as the paying guest and also entertain her with his jokes, he has paid the money as the advance. He asks her not to worry for anything.



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