Ahaan and Pankti’s meet gets a twist in Tu Aashiqui


JD threatens Pankti that he will kill her and even her family if she betrays him. Richa invites Pankti in her engagement. Pankti tells Purva that she wants to attend the engagement as Richa is her only friend. Purva manages to spike Anika’s drink. Anita falls unconscious. Purva tells Pankti that she has to leave early and attend the function. She asks her to come back soon.

Pankti manages to escape. She goes to the car sent by Richa for pickup. She doesn’t know Richa is Ahaan’s friend. Ahaan picks Pankti from her home and they drive to the engagement ceremony at Dhanrajgir’s house. Pankti gets a shock on seeing Ahaan. She asks him to stay away from her. Ahaan tells her that he is her driver for the day and he has come on Richa’s saying. Ahaan takes her home, while JD calls Ahaan. Ahaan tells JD that he is with his love. JD doesn’t know Ahaan is in love with Pankti.



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