Durga to gamble life to achieve success in Meri Durga


Durga takes a tough decision to compete with a truck at the highway junction. She wants everyone to know her talent. She takes the big risk and spreads the news about her dangerous race stunt. Yashpal and Sanjay get to read the shocking news in the newspaper. They both don’t support Durga in risking her life. They fear that Durga may face death by her madness. Durga wants everyone to awaken and see her real talent, which needs a chance to complete in the district race. Having tried all the things to seek a wild card entry in the race, Durga refuses to Sanjay who promises to get the entry using his contacts.

Durga doesn’t know Sanjay promised Aarti of marriage just to get Durga’s career on track. Sanjay has sacrificed his love to build up her career. Durga tells him that she wants to get the fair chance by her talent, and doesn’t want anyone’s favor. Yashpal tells Durga that her decision calls for more problems for them. He says we don’t want to bear the burden of a daughter’s death. He scolds her for being selfish and not caring for the family. Durga tells him that her victory in the dangerous race will get all the lost respect and belief back. Durga puts her life at stake and bets for victory. Will she succeed? Keep reading.



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