KaiRa’s huge fight amidst Naksh’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira support Suwarna and want her to do Kanyadaan. Singhanias wait for Manish and Suwarna to come for Kanyadaan. Suwarna tells Dadi that she doesn’t mind anyone else doing Kanyadaan. She finds Dadi right in her place. She doesn’t object to Dadi. She wants Kirti to be happy. Kartik says we can ask Kirti what she wants. Dadi lets Suwarna do the Kanyadaan. Kartik convinces her. Kirti gets happy when Suwarna does her Kanyadaan. Dadi doesn’t want the rituals to get late.

Kartik finds the kids in trouble. He cheers them up. In the process, he gets to know the video in which Naksh claims he is not marrying Kirti by his wish, he doesn’t like Kirti. Naksh tells that he is marrying just for Naira’s happiness. Kartik finds hard to digest this truth. He feels bad that Naksh has cheated Kirti and everyone else by hiding such a big truth. He confronts Naira about the truth. He tells Naira that Naksh is marrying Kirti against his wish. He shows the video to Naira.

Kartik gets angry on Naksh. He tells her that he will talk to Naksh and stop the marriage. Naira stops him to explain. Kartik realizes Naira already knew this truth and gets angry on her. Naira finds hard to stop him. Kartik decides to stop the marriage and expose Naksh’s truth. Naira asks him to think for Kirti’s happiness. Kartik wants Kirti to be happy. Naira stops Kartik from going out. Kartik loses his temper. Naksh and Kirti take the wedding rounds. Kartik tells Naira that Aditya didn’t love Kirti and has hurt her a lot. She tells him that Naksh is not like Aditya, Kirti is happy with the alliance. She asks him to let the marriage happen. He doesn’t want Kirti to get cheated again. She tells him Kirti will be happy in her marriage. He doesn’t trust her. He tells her that she doesn’t care for Kirti, so she didn’t tell him anything. He feels bad to trust her. Naira doesn’t want the marriage to break. She asks Kartik to stop himself. Kartik crosses all barriers to reach the altar and stop the marriage.


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