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YRKKH: Kartik and Naira support Suwarna and want her to do Kanyadaan. Singhanias wait for Manish and Suwarna to come for Kanyadaan. Suwarna tells Dadi that she doesn’t mind anyone else doing Kanyadaan. She finds Dadi right in her place. She doesn’t object to Dadi. She wants Kirti to be happy. Kartik says we can ask Kirti what she wants. Dadi lets Suwarna do the Kanyadaan. Kartik convinces her. Kirti gets happy when Suwarna does her Kanyadaan. Dadi doesn’t want the rituals to get late.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami falls unconscious by the chemical smoke. Avdhoot and Pujan try to kidnap her. They send the attackers. They wait for the good news that Anami got kidnapped. Anami gains senses and calls Adhiraj to get help. Adhiraj fails to hear her. Satrupa worries when Anami doesn’t come home. She doesn’t know where is Anami. She doubts Narottam picked her from the college. She confronts Narottam about Anami. Narottam tells her that he doesn’t know about her. Narottam informs Sudha that Anami didn’t come home from college. Sudha asks Narottam to save Anami from any problem, as Anami is the one who will rebel against the family and get her home with respect. She tells Narottam that Anami is their only hope. Adhiraj fears for Anami. He gets Anami’s location.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Parmeet plans to break the Bhalla family by using Ruhi. He gets happy that Karwachauth function got spoiled. He fills Nikhil’s ears against Bhallas. Shagun meets Pooja and tries to seek her help in making Nikhil away from Ruhi. Pooja doesn’t get interested in helping her. Shagun asks Pooja to do a drama to get back to Nikhil. Pooja refuses to help. Shagun fails to succeed in her plan. She tries to find out whom is Pooja dating. Shagun happens to get info about the secret guy. Shagun blackmails Pooja about her boyfriend, who ran away seeing her. She convinces Pooja to help her in separating Nikhil and Ruhi.


Tej and Shakti ask the man about the blackmailer. The man spots Abhay and identifies him. He thinks of informing Tej about Abhay. Abhay doesn’t want the man speak out his name. Tania fails Anika’s plans by breaking her phone. Anika misses to keep an eye on the man. Abhay catches the man and threatens him against telling anything to Tej. The man runs back to the Oberois, and falls in front of them. The family gets a shock seeing him. Shivay confronts his family about the man.

Neil and Avni have a romantic dance and get relief from their stress. They get disturbed by Juhi’s cry. Juhi worries for her daughter. Neil gets concerned. Bebe and Prakash decide to take Juhi to a counsellor. The family plans a wedding for Neil and Avni. The couple leave for finding the girl. They reach the girl in disguise of NGO workers. Bebe tells Neela that Neil and Avni will come home soon. Neela fears for Avni’s future. She shares her worries with Avni.

Meri Durga:

Yashpal and Sanjay opposes Durga’s mad challenge. Durga is sure to break the record. She wants the system to pay attention and notice her talent. She faces anger of the family. They all fear to lose her. Sanjay meets Durga and tries to stop her from her dangerous step. He tells her that he can’t lose her. Durga doesn’t listen to him, as she has made her mind.

Durga refuses to let him become his barrier again. He tells her that he is trying to get her back in race. She tells him to just stay away. Aarti fears Sanjay will never marry her, as he loves Durga a lot. Gayatri asks her not to have any fears. Sanjay fails to convince Durga, who makes him away. Sanjay visits her home and learns about the house division. He asks Yashpal to stop Durga from risking her life. They all get helpless. They blame Sanjay for everything. Sanjay begs Yashpal to save Durga’s life. Yashpal cries knowing the danger. Durga gets intervened by the cops. She doesn’t get permission to run by risking life. She learns Yashpal is stopping her from her plan. Sanjay hurts himself. Gayatri asks him not to ruin his life by running after Durga.


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