Preeta and Karan’s love journey begins in Kundali Bhagya

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Rishabh couldn’t tolerate anything against Preeta and slaps Deepak. Preeta understands Sherlyn is mistaken about Rishabh and him. She finds Sherlyn not suitable for Rishabh. She thinks of exposing Sherlyn who has a bad mindset. Sherlyn plans to put Preeta in big problem and make her away from Rishabh. Preeta is just a friend for Rishabh. Sherlyn doubts on them.

Sarla tries to find an alliance for Preeta. Karan gets affected by Preeta. Sameer also has confused feelings about Shrishti. Karan doesn’t understand Preeta. Preeta shows much attitude to him. Karan finds her very different from other girls. Preeta advises Karan to take rest, else his shoulder sprain will get worse. She asks him not to seek his help if the pain increases. Karan and Preeta get into an argument. They have a moment, and get spotted by Sherlyn. Preeta and Karan’s friendship will be getting a new twist. Karan laughs on the alliance for Preeta, while Preeta calls him jealous. They both will fall in love.

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