Shivay angers on failing in his plans in Ishqbaaz


Tej and Shakti ask the man about the blackmailer. The man spots Abhay and identifies him. He thinks of informing Tej about Abhay. Abhay doesn’t want the man speak out his name. Tania fails Anika’s plans by breaking her phone. Anika misses to keep an eye on the man. Abhay catches the man and threatens him against telling anything to Tej. The man runs back to the Oberois, and falls in front of them. The family gets a shock seeing him. Shivay confronts his family about the man.

Shivay gets angry on Anika for failing in the work which he assigned her. He asks her why could she not handle the work. Anika tells him how Tania came in her way and created hurdle. He asks her to accept her mistake. She blames him for getting Tania home and causing all the problems. They end up arguing. She gets jealous of Tania. She tells him that she is irritated seeing Tania. He calls her careless enough to fail his plan. Dadi asks Anika not to fight with Shivay always. She tells Anika to keep her relation fine, as fight often hurts the person’s heart.

Some goons come to get the loan amount. Gauri fails to repay the rent. The man asks her to vacate the house and get lost. Gauri begs to him to buy some time. Omkara helps Gauri. He pays the money to the man, and asks him to leave. Gauri feels odd to accept his help. Omkara asks her to let him manage. Gauri asks Omkara why did he pay to the goons. Omkara tells her that he is just helping her. He finds a way to stay at Gauri’s house. Omkara gets ready to adjust there. Gauri gets the food for him. Omkara thanks her.

Omkara talks to Shivay. He updates about Gauri. Shivay encourages him to work hard and convince Gauri. Omkara tells him that Gauri has made him proud. He witnesses her self esteem. Omkara wants to give happiness to Gauri, which she deserves. Shivay wishes him all the best.

Rudra starts humiliating Bhavya in front of his friends. Bhavya decides to leave the job, but fails as she has signed a contract. She gets hurt by his words. Rudra tells her that she can’t leave the job, she has to continue the job for three months.



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