Durga faces hurdles in her challenge in Meri Durga


Durga wants to know who has filed the FIR against her to stop her from racing at the T junction. Yashpal meets her in police station and reveals that he is the one who wanted to stop her from meeting death, as he can’t see his daughter dying in front of his eyes. He asks her to stop the madness for once and all. Durga gets in lockup. Yashpal gets relieved that Durga will stay safe in police station. Gayatri gets angry to know Sanjay’s madness for Durga. On Durga’s risking her life, Sanjay gets mad and hurts himself in his fear to lose Durga forever.

Gayatri can’t tolerate Sanjay’s love. She asks him to think for his family atleast once. She gets revengeful against Durga. She gets the bail for Durga and allows her to run in the dangerous race. She doesn’t believe in Durga’s talent and thinks Durga will herself die and get out of her way by her over confidence. Gayatri assures Durga runs in the challenge race. Yashpal learns Durga got the bail. He confronts Gayatri for bailing out Durga to kill her. She tells him that she believes in Durga’s talent. He understands that Gayatri is wishing bad for Durga. He reprimands Gayatri and asks her to pay for her deeds some day. None believes Durga can win the death challenge. Will Durga win in the challenge and prove herself? Keep reading.



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