Phalguni to challenge Uttara Devi in Jiji Maa


Phalguni faces much humiliation in the market. She feels all the doors of earnings got shut for her. She stays hopefui. She worries for her younger sister Niyati. She recalls the vow given to her dying mother, that she will never let Niyati sleep empty stomach. Phalguni realizes finding a job is very much necessary to buy ration for next day.

She looks for a job. She sees vacancy board at an event. Phalguni joins a assistant job to earn money for Niyati. She serves the guests in a party. She gets humiliated by some women. She doesn’t break down and sticks to her ethics. She respects food and tells the women how her mother gave her good values. A woman gets impressed by Phalguni’s down to earth nature. Suyash waits for her on the route where he has first spotted her. Suyash meets Phalguni. He starts liking her more. Phalguni attends a function and gives the embroidered saree to Uttara Devi to pay honor. Uttara Devi takes it as an insult. She has tried to get Phalguni humiliated by paying money for the work. She gets angry when she gets the inauspicious saree. Phalguni will be challenging Uttara Devi once again. How will the latter tolerate someone influencing her life? Keep reading.



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