Ruhi declares her decision of a live-in in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Parmeet spots Shagun at Pooja’s house. He records their conversation. He proves to Nikhil that Shagun is breaking his relation. Nikhil gets angry seeing the video. He tells Parmeet that he will not keep quiet now. Parmeet exposes Pooja’s plan to Ruhi and Nikhil so that his plan to ruin Bhallas doesn’t get underway. Parmeet tells Nikhil that Raman and Ishita also wish the same as Shagun, they used Riya in their plan. Nikhil gets provoked by Parmeet. Nikhil decides he will not be quiet now. Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil to know if he left city. Parmeet consoles her.

Nikhil reveals to Ruhi how her family has framed him again. Ruhi sees the video. She gets raged. Ruhi learns Shagun’s plan to meet Pooja and come up with the idea to use Riya for separating Nikhil and her. Nikhil and Ruhi get angry on the elders for falling to new levels every time. Ruhi asks Raman why can’t she chose her life partner by her wish. She tells him that Nikhil is not so bad that everyone is opposing him. Ruhi gets sole support from Simmi. Nikhil asks Ruhi will she live with him, if she really loves him. Ruhi refuses to him initially. Nikhil instigates her to answer her parents, who are taking wrong steps to break them.

Ruhi doesn’t find it right to stay together. Nikhil convinces her for a live-in, as he got cheated in marriage before. He tells her that marriage is not important to him. He asks her to decide for their lives. She gets ready for it. Ruhi and Nikhil decide to stay in a live-in relationship, and declare the decision to Bhallas. Raman refuses to allow Ruhi to move with Nikhil. He gets stern, while Ruhi doesn’t mend herself. Ruhi confronts them for sending Shagun to Pooja to trap Nikhil again. She tells them about Shagun’s new game.

Ishita asks Raman not to react to Ruhi, which will make her realize her decision maybe wrong. She doesn’t support Ruhi, and makes a plan to leave Ruhi on her own. She wants Ruhi to have a self realization. They get fed up explaining Ruhi. Shagun reveals to Ishita about Pooja’s affair with a Bhalla. They try to find out who is involved with Pooja.


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