Preeto breaks down by Harman’s shocking move in Shakti


Saaya has kept a condition for Harman to go to his house and get Nek from Preeto. Harman visits his house, playing dhol and getting kinners along. He asks Preeto to give him some nek. Preeto and Harak get a shock seeing Harman with kinners group. Harman is Preeto’s life. She couldn’t see him in such a situation. Harman is determined that he has to get Soumya. He is fulfilling Saaya’s conditions to get his love. Preeto begs Harman to come back home. Harman tells her that he is doing this for his wife. He manages to get nek from Preeto.

Preeto gets emotional. She sheds tears. Preeto gives the nek to Harman. She makes him swear that he will leave his adamancy and come back home. She can do anything for her son. She gets heartbroken seeing her son getting away. Harman doesn’t listen to her. She sees Harman’s photo and cries. Chintu consoles her. Harak gets fuming when he sees Preeto in pain. Preeto wants Harman to be happy. She thinks to compromise and accept Soumya to get Harman back.


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