Suraj to make a concrete plan against Ranvijay in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Suraj lands in Banaras and meets Chakor. Suraj seeks help from Pandit Radheshyam. Chakor is not able to contact Suraj. Ranvijay has created troubles for Chakor. Suraj has learnt that Ranvijay is forcing Chakor for marriage. Suraj is trying to save Chakor. He tells Radheshyam that he never tried to kill Chakor, it was all a misunderstanding. Suraj recalls their happy times. He faces the hurdles posed by Ranvijay.

Radheshyam feels Suraj is lying and wants to kill Chakor. Suraj swears on the fire and tells him that he loves Chakor a lot, Ranvijay is misusing his uniform and keeping Chakor from him. He tells Radheshyam to visit Ranvijay’s house and meet Chakor, so that he can believe what he is saying now. Suraj tells him that he has gone to Ranvijay’s house and seen his cheap plans. Suraj wants Radheshyam’s help to save Chakor in time, as its about his child’s safety also. Suraj begs him for help. Radheshyam agrees to help him. They make a plan to send Radheshyam to Ranvijay’s house. Suraj hopes Radheshyam communicates with Chakor. Suraj then lands in Ranvijay’s house in a huge box and meets Chakor. They get together to fight against Ranvijay.


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