Anika sticks to secure Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay hears some people talking about love. He talks of lovers and true love. Shivay’s speech makes Anika happy. The air hostess irritates Shivay. A man gets mistaken about Anika, being his girlfriend, and creates a havoc in the flight. Anika switches her seat. She sticks as Shivay’s shadow. He calls it enough. She refuses to accept she is Anika. He catches her language and tests her. They come closer when Anika gets scared. Shivay supports her.

Omkara delivers the chunris made by Gauri. He gets into an argument with the shopkeeper. He refuses to go without taking the money. He teaches a lesson to the man, who talks bad about Gauri. Omkara buys the necessary stuff. Gauri gets thankful to him for managing all the work. He feels sorry thinking of the time when he didn’t accept her as love. He thinks of making friendship with Gauri. She gets happy when she hears him praising her. Ajay flirts with Gauri. Omkara warns him against his misbehavior. Omkara learns his cheap intentions. Ajay tries to get close to Gauri. Omkara doesn’t feel right. Gauri conducts her friend’s Roka and celebrates. Omkara helps out Gauri.

Shivay tries to make Anika admit that she is Anika. She understands his plan. Rudra tries to make Bhavya jealous. Bhavya doesn’t get influenced. Oberois don’t learn the secret from their employee. Abhay fears the man has told the secret to them. He gets worried. Ajay proposes Gauri and stuns her. She tells him that its not possible since she is married. He tells her that he knows everything about her marriage. Gauri gets angry on him. She tells him that she just loves her husband. She refuses to his proposal.


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