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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer doesn’t want Naina to tie him a rakhi. Teachers ask Naina to tie the rakhi to Sameer. Naina was worried to avoid this. Sameer was also thinking how to get saved. Everyone asks Sameer to forward his hand. Sameer forwards hand. Naina’s dad asks her to go ahead. Its a tradition in school that all the girls students tie rakhi to the boys. Naina refuses to tie the rakhi to Sameer, and says she can’t make anyone her brother just like that, the boy has to be deserving to have a relation with her. She gets saved from tying rakhi. Sameer and Naina manage the situation well.


Suraj and Radheshyam make a plan. Suraj hides inside a huge electronics box. Chakor is caged in Ranvijay’s house. Ranvijay knows about Chakor and Suraj’s relation. He wants to marry Chakor, so that he makes her life hell. Chakor gets a gift from Ranvijay. She tells him that his wife should wear the gifted saree, she is not going to marry him, she will never become his wife, so she can’t accept the saree.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni comes up with her final plan. She tears the documents of surrogacy. She tells Parth that she can’t afford any more waiting. She asks him to tell his decision fast. She does a drama because of Shorvori. Parth falls in problem. He gets depressed when both Teni and Shorvori start behaving rude to him. Teni threatens to leave the house. She has kept a big condition in front of him. She says Shorvori has gone away from you, you have to accept me as wife and give me all the rights in the house.


Everyone blames Neil for being irresponsible towards his wife. Neil gets angry bearing many taunts and blames. Avni’s life was getting happiness, when Neil broke the truth that Juhi and his daughter’s life is in risk. Avni doesn’t want anyone else to become Avni, as she knows a child’s life without a family. She decides to find Neil and Juhi’s daughter.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar takes the Mata Rani avatar. She gives her darshan to Bharadwaj family. Everyone prays while closing eyes. Mata Rani blesses all of them. It gets evident that Mata Rani is living with them as Simar.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Tara are trying to scare Aarohi. Deep romances Aarohi when she tells him about her Karwachauth fast. Aarohi doesn’t know his love is a big cheat. Deep wants to sacrifice innocent Aarohi for his love Tara. Aarohi does a puja. She gets happy when Deep tells her that he has also kept a fast for her. Karwachauth drama will get many twists. Deep plans a big surprise for Tara. Aarohi gets a shock when she gets a snake in her shagun plate. Aarohi gets scared. She throws the shagun away. Her puja gets spoiled. Deep acts sweet. He tells her that whoever did this has done wrong. He consoles Aarohi.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Kartik get separated by misunderstandings. Naira comes to Singhania house, while Kartik is at Goenka house. They both miss each other and sheds tears of separation. Naira didn’t imagine this will happen with her. She wanted Kirti’s marriage to bring happiness, but it has spoiled her terms with Kartik. Singhania house gets happiness after welcoming their bahu home. Naksh and Kirti do the post marriage rasams. Naira gets emotional seeing them. Naksh asks Naira why did she come along, is there any problem. Naira asks him not to worry, everything is fine. Naira finds Naksh and Kirti happy and wishes they always stay happy.


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