Juhi to learn Neil-Avni’s separation in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni miss each other. Avni thinks of him. Neil tries to find Avni. Vidyut tries to return her favor. Avni thinks of meeting him. Neil tells DD that Avni doesn’t want them to know about her. Juhi gets scared seeing a shadow. Shweta meets her. She tells Juhi that Neil can’t come, as Avni has left the house because of her. Juhi learns about their separation. Shweta tells her that Juhi told about her daughter, which made Avni decide about the relation. She scolds Juhi for snatching Neil and Avni’s happiness by being much selfish. Juhi tells her that she just wants her daughter and nothing more. Neil sheds tears in Avni’s memories. Neil and Avni’s love story gets incomplete.

Neil shares her sorrow with Bebe. She helps him in deciding his future. She asks him to stay with Avni as they all know he loves Avni. He tells her that he didn’t wish Avni to get hurt, but he was just protecting Juhi in such times. Avni thinks of Neil. She calls him up.

Neil realizes its Avni on the call. Avni doesn’t talk to him. Neil and Avni hear each other’s silence. They feel the pain of separation. They gain courage to live with their sweet memories.

Vidyut loses track of Mishti. The servants panic and fear of his anger. Vidyut scolds the servants. He wants to get Mishti back at any cost. Avni prays for Neil. Avni wants to find Juhi’s daughter. She meets Mishti in a church. Vidyut threatens the servants to get the girl back at the earliest. Avni gets Mishti to him. She does another favor on him.


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