Suraj to counter Ranvijay’s criminal act in Udaan


Suraj and Radheshyam make a plan. Suraj hides inside a huge electronics box. Chakor is caged in Ranvijay’s house. Ranvijay knows about Chakor and Suraj’s relation. He wants to marry Chakor, so that he makes her life hell. Chakor gets a gift from Ranvijay. She tells him that his wife should wear the gifted saree, she is not going to marry him, she will never become his wife, so she can’t accept the saree.

Suraj wants to get inside Ranvijay’s house. Suraj hides and enters the house. Suraj will be trying to find Chakor and run away with her, but it will be tough since Ranvijay has much security in his house. Chakor knows Suraj has big danger on him. She doesn’t want Suraj to come. Chakor throws the gifted saree on Ranvijays face. She insults him and asks him not to test her level of tolerance. She tells Ranvijay that he can never fulfill his dream. Ranvijay and Imli got together to ruin Suraj and Chakor’s lives. Ranvijay knows if he marries Chakor, Suraj’s life will be worse than death.


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