Testing times for Omkara and Gauri in Ishqbaaz


Omkara doesn’t like Ajay getting close to Gauri. Gauri doesn’t think anything such and dances in her Dabbang style. Omkara gets tension when he sees Gauri freely celebrating, without seeing the guy approaching her. Ajay falls in love with Gauri when he spots her at terrace. Gauri’s charm strikes him. Gauri is helping her friend, who has always helped her before. Ajay tries to flirt with Gauri. He doesn’t know Gauri is married. He thinks of having a relation with Gauri. Omkara understands Ajay’s intentions. Ajay’s strange behavior irks Omkara.

Meanwhile, Shivay and Anika board the flight to Goa in order to follow the elders. They don’t know how Tej has made the plan and fooled them. Anika wants to stand by Shivay at all times. She worries for Shivay, knowing the big risk over him. Even Shivay wants to protect her. Shivay talks about true love, which Anika gets to hear. She gets happy seeing a changed Shivay. Shivay knows Anika is in disguise and acknowledges her true love, since she is ready to face any problem for his sake.

Omkara is saving Gauri without letting her know his identity. Omkara dances with Gauri, to take her away from Ajay. Omkara feels helpless and angry that he can’t tell Gauri its him who is protecting her. He can’t even oppose Ajay and tell him that he is Gauri’s husband Omkara. Ajay proposes Gauri. Gauri gets a shock. She tells him that she is already married. She rejects his proposal. Ajay threatens Gauri and asks her to accept his proposal, else her friend’s marriage can stop. Gauri gets tension on knowing Ajay’s intentions. She misses Omkara, but doesn’t know Omkara is around her, living as Dilpreet. How will Omkara help Gauri? Keep reading.


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