Avni gets a task to look after Mishti in Naamkarann


Avni drops Mishti home. She asks Vidyut to keep his daughter safe. Vidyut gets thankful to her for her big favor. Mishti gets scared of him. He doesn’t want to keep her favor. She returns the money of the restaurant bill. Vidyut gets into an argument with her. He wants to pay Avni for saving Mishti. He tries to know Avni’s profession. He knows Avni’s didn’t marry and ran away from marriage. She tells him that she has come to find someone in Goa. Vidyut asks her to work for him, as she has plenty of free time. He hires Avni as Mishti’s Governess.

Juhi talks to Neil and is upset that everyone is disliking her because of whatever happened. Neil apologizes to her on Shweta’s behalf. He asks her to win everyone’s hearts. Juhi tells him that she is not Avni. Neil also knows Avni is different. Neil tells Juhi that she is also important for him. He asks her not to feel bad of Shweta’s words. He decides to take Juhi home. Avni learns Mishti didn’t have any Naamkarann till now, her name became Mishti because of her background. Avni tries to know about Mishti’s family.

Avni tries to bond with Mishti. She takes her out to have icecream. Ali spots Avni in the market. Ali informs Neil about Avni. Neil gets another plan. He tells Juhi that he won’t go to get Avni. He gets Juhi home, which upsets Shweta. Neela tells everyone about Avni. Shweta asks Juhi to stay away from Neil. Avni misses Neil. Shweta asks Neil to find out Avni as soon as possible. Neil tells them that he also intends to find Avni. He argues with Shweta for Juhi. He tells them that Avni didn’t go in anger, maybe she didn’t have any way and went. Shweta and Neil get into an argument. Bebe tries to calm down. Avni takes care of Mishti. Juhi tells Shweta how helpless she is, her daughter is stuck in a bad situation. Neela doubts on Juhi. Neil works out his secret plan. He hides his info about Avni from everyone. He destroys the evidences. He promises Bebe that he will find Avni. What is Neil upto? Keep reading.


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