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Naamkarann: Avni drops Mishti home. She asks Vidyut to keep his daughter safe. Vidyut gets thankful to her for her big favor. Mishti gets scared of him. He doesn’t want to keep her favor. She returns the money of the restaurant bill. Vidyut gets into an argument with her. He wants to pay Avni for saving Mishti. He tries to know Avni’s profession. He knows Avni’s didn’t marry and ran away from marriage. She tells him that she has come to find someone in Goa. Vidyut asks her to work for him, as she has plenty of free time. He hires Avni as Mishti’s Governess.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Dadi asks Satrupa to guide Anami in the right direction, else they can lose everything. Satrupa promises to explain Anami. Dadi tells her that Dada ji is getting close to Avdhoot and seeing Vatsalya in him, but its wrong. Satrupa asks Anami to learn business. Anami refuses to dance on her fingers. Satrupa talks of Vatsalya to emotionally blackmail Anami. She tells her about Vatsalya’s last wish to run Royal Steels in a good way. She asks Anami to learn everything on time, else none will respect her. She tells Anami that she has got a teacher for her, who will teach her all the business skills.


Anika reveals her identity when Shivay falls in trouble. Shivay gets happy seeing his wife with him. Anika teaches the lesson to the goon. She tells Shivay that she is just of him. She proves her love. The goon tells them that he will kill them. He tries to find the dentures having the diamonds hidden in it. He tells them that the flight won’t land. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to call problems. Anika argues with him. She asks him why did he come after elders. Shivay accepts his mistake to end the argument. Anika asks him to argue with her more. Anika dances and makes the goon distracted. Anika and Bhavya take charge of the situation and catch the goon. They get things in control.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi gets Nikhil home to tell everyone about her new decision. She tells them that she is not going for a live-in against the family, but she has decided to marry Nikhil. She tells everyone that she wants to make a relation of lifetime with Nikhil, as they love each other. Raman opposes Ruhi again. Ruhi asks him what’s the problem now when she is not ruining the family respect now. She asks Raman not to interfere in her life. She declares her final decision. Nikhil tells them that they will marry with or without their permission. Ishita stops Raman from reacting angrily. Parmeet gets another chance to make Ruhi against Bhallas.

Meri Durga:

Durga’s big win in the dangerous stunt becomes the talk of the town. Durga wants to know if she will get a wild card entry. Durga has won and broke all the old records, without any cheating. Everyone gets praising Durga. The family gets united with Durga’s victory. Durga gets happy. She gets all the lost love and respect back. The family celebrates her victory after a long time and forget their differences.

Sanjay learns Gayatri is in hospital. Durga reminds Yashpal what he has done to stop her from running in the race. Yashpal tells her that he has sent her to jail to save her life. She tells him that she knew he was present at the race track. Neelkant scolds Sanjay for risking his life and not thinking for Gayatri, who got a shock by seeing him taking such a big risk. Durga’s family gets happy moments. Dadi gets happy to see her family together. Durga gets a wild card entry in the race.


Naira tells everyone that Kartik can’t come, but she is here to workout his plans. Everyone teases Naksh and Kirti. The couple finds happiness in their togetherness. Naira messages Kartik to support her in keeping new relations with the families. Manish feels Kartik is worried by something. He shares his worry with the family. Goenkas get glad to see Singhanias celebrating the rituals with Kirti on a video call. Singhanias don’t want anyone to miss Kirti. Kirti asks for Kartik. Manish tells them that Kartik is not with them. Singhanias do the ring ceremony. Goenkas spot Kirti’s happiness. Naksh wins the ring finding game. Naksh tells Manish that he wants to win Kirti’s heart.


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