Naksh-Kirti’s reception gets a twist in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh feeds the sweets to Kirti. They spread sweetness in their lives. They come close during the post marriage rituals. Naira is much upset and misses Kartik. She shares her sorrow with Rajshri. Rajshri doesn’t know how to make Naira and Kartik’s relation fine. She fears Naksh’s relation can get spoiled. Naksh couldn’t make everything fine. The relations got complicated. Naira’s happiness fell in trouble. Rajshri hugs Naira and consoles her. Rajshri tells Naira that she can explain Kartik, but he will take that in wrong way if she talks, so its better Naira sorts the problem herself.

Kartik comes to Singhania house angrily. He calls out Naksh. Naksh asks him is everything fine, why is he shouting. Kartik beats up Naksh. The entire family gets shocked. There is high drama. Naira shouts to stop Kartik. Kartik is very much angry and not able to understand things. Naksh feels Kartik’s anger is justified, as he didn’t explain anything to Kartik, he didn’t have time to clarify. Kartik wants Naksh to treat Kirti well. Kartik calls Naira and asks her to tell Naksh to tell Kirti everything. Naira refuses to him. Kartik gets bitter. It turns to be Naira’s imagination. Naira prays that everything gets fine soon.

Naksh and Kirti’s reception brings happiness. Kartik observes them. Naksh stays in tension seeing Kartik and Naira’s terms. Kartik doesn’t want Kirti to get upset. Kartik hugs Kirti and acts happy. He vents out his anger on Aryan. He ill treats Aryan in front of everyone. He then apologizes to Aryan. Everyone worries sensing something is bothering Kartik. Kartik wants to ensure Kirti is really happy. Kartik learns about a surprise. He spoils the fun by his hot temper. Naira worries that Goenkas and Singhania can learn the matter. Naksh also senses something went wrong in Naira and Kartik’s relation.


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