Durga to compete in inter-district race in Meri Durga


Durga gets happy when she sees her family supporting her again. Yashpal tells the media that Durga deserves a second chance. The officers don’t agree to give any chance to Durga as she has taken the wrong step to prove her talent. The sports ministry does voting to decide about Durga’s career. Everyone has different opinion on supporting Durga. Vipul gets the duty to take the final call on Durga. He realizes his mistake to stop Durga from getting the wild card entry before. Vipul apologizes to Durga. He gives her the wild card entry in the inter district race, which makes Durga happy.

Durga thanks Vipul for this vote. Rajveer gets the news of Durga’s success. Vipul tells Durga that he didn’t know her potential. He says she has proved her talents. He wishes her all the best and thanks her for changing his thinking. Brij gets the good news that everyone can get their ration and rights back in the village. He asks Durga to focus well and win in the inter district race, so that no one can make her lose. Aarti and her dad make a plan to compete with Durga. Durga and Yashpal thank Rajveer for his idea. Rajveer gets recovering. Aarti gets an international coach. Neelkant asks her to plan her victory. Aarti gets sure of winning the race. She throws a challenge for Durga.


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