Gunjan to ruin Raj-Mannu’s plan in Waaris

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Mannu and Raj realize Gunjan is the thief they were looking for. They catch Gunjan red handed with the jewelry and demand her to tell them the reason, why is she helpless to steal jewelry and ruin Amba’s name in the village. Gunjan tells them how Chandar has kidnapped her husband Aman and threatening to kill him. She gets helpless to do everything to save Aman’s life. Mannu makes a plan to fool Chandar and takes Gunjan in confidence. She tells her plan to Gunjan. She asks Gunjan to just do as they say, and they can free Aman from Chandar’s clutches. Gunjan doesn’t like taking risk with Aman’s life.

Gunjan goes against Mannu’s plan and steals the jewelry again. Mannu didn’t expect Gunjan to do any such thing after their emotional moment. She gets a shock when the village accuses Amba for stealing the real jewelry for greed. Mannu confronts Gunjan about the jewelry. Gunjan admits she has changed the jewelry in fear. Mannu received a big shock on being betrayed. Mannu worries for Raj, who risks his life and meets Chandar to rescue Aman. Will Mannu and Raj save Amba’s name? Keep reading.






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