Kartik-Naksh to have a huge confrontation in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik attends Naksh and Kirti’s reception. Naira and Kartik have a misunderstanding between them. The families have a reception and get together. There is much drama in the reception. Naira falls in Kartik’s arms. Kartik angrily pushes her when she tries to explain him. Naksh comes there and sees Kartik ill treating Naira. He asks Kartik why is he behaving badly with Naira. Kartik confronts Naksh for his lie and cheat. He tells he has seen Yash and Naksh’s video and know Naksh has no feelings for Kirti. He says you have admitted everything in the video, why did you do this with my sister. Naksh calls Kartik mad.

Kartik asks Naksh not to act smart and lie more. He says you have made this marriage a deal and hurt Kirti’s heart. Naksh realizes Naira and Kartik have a big problem between them because of him. Naksh has thought if the truth came out like this, it will be tough. Naira stops Naksh and Kartik from the fight. Kartik demands an answer from Naksh.

Naksh has no answer for him. Kirti comes there and asks what happened. She asks Naksh is he fine. She feeds him water. Kartik’s anger hurts Naira and Naksh. Kartik fears Kirti can get hurt knowing the truth. The family also comes to ask the matter. Naksh and Kartik don’t say anything. They act normal in front of Kirti. Naira knows Naksh has done the marriage for her happiness, but he has really developed feelings for Kirti, which Kartik is not able to believe. Kartik’s Dadi fears for Naira and Kartik’s marital relation. Naira will be working hard to clear Kartik’s misunderstanding and get happiness back.


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