A lovely secret date for SuKor in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor have a secret date. Suraj does the decorations to give a surprise to Chakor. He writes I love you Chakor with flowers and lights Diyas around to wish her on Diwali. They have a romantic moment. Chakor doesn’t want him to have any problem. Suraj asks her not to worry for him. She begs him to leave. She is worried for his life. Chakor is celebrating Diwali being bounded by Ranvijay. Suraj is trying to celebrate Diwali by hiding. Suraj wants to make Chakor happy. He doesn’t want to leave the chance. Ranvijay looks for something and comes to the storeroom. Chakor and Suraj hide from him. Chakor tells Suraj that Ranvijay is very bad. Ranvijay tortures Kavya and makes her walk on the glass pieces.

Suraj witnesses this bad moment. He sees Chakor helping Ranvijay’s family. He feels proud of Chakor. He tells Chakor that he has done this arrangements to give her the happiness she deserves. She asks him to understand the risk, Ranvijay is totally mad and will never give them any chance to explain anything. Suraj understands why Chakor is saying so. He calls her a great person. Chakor and Suraj live some relieving moments. Suraj promises to free her from Ranvijay’s clutches and take her home.


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