Devi’s life falls in danger in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Adhiraj catches cold. Devi scares him of his disease which has no cure. Adhiraj tries all medicines. He tells Maasa that its paining a lot, he doesn’t know what’s happening. Urmi calls a doctor for him. Devi gets a laugh by troubling Adhiraj. Devi has done this to teach him a lesson. Urmi worries for Adhiraj. Urmi sends Devi away. Devi knows she will be punished if Adhiraj knows her plan. Even though, she doesn’t get scared.

Meanwhile, Adhiraj’s mum tries to burn Devi alive. She keeps a gas line open in Devi’s room. Devi goes to do puja in her room. The Goddess saves Devi. The matchstick doesn’t get ignited. Maasa and Urmi’s plan falls. Devi gets sindoor in her eyes and screams. She leaves from her room. Devi gets saved from the big plotting. Adhiraj doesn’t know his mum is planning to kill Devi.


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