Durga to expose Neelkant in Meri Durga


Aarti’s coach challenges Yashpal for the race, while Yashpal trains Durga to help her relieve her sprain. Sanjay meets Durga. He gets a bad welcome. Yashpal asks Sanjay to leave. Aarti tells them that Sanjay is her guest here. Sanjay asks Aarti not to misbehave with Yashpal. Yashpal accepts the race challenge. He asks Durga to focus on her practice. Aarti asks her coach not to let Yashpal choose his track. Her coach doesn’t listen. Durga understands Yashpal has a plan to teach a lesson to her coach. Aarti also challenges Durga for the race. Durga accepts her challenge.

Both Yashpal and Durga get sure of their victory. Yashpal makes the race tough thing for the coach. The villagers get a chance to laugh on the international coach. Yashpal wins the race. Aarti’s coach bites the dust. The village celebrates Yashpal’s victory. Aarti’s coach accepts his failure. Durga tells Rajveer about Yashpal’s win. Rajveer recalls how he was kidnapped and kept away for many years. Rajveer reveals to Durga that Neelkant is their enemy, who has tried to kill him. Durga decides to hide Rajveer from Neelkant. She plans to expose Neelkant.

Durga wins in the inter district race by her hardwork and superb practice. She has proved her talent when she got the chance. She clears all the blames on her. She was framed in the drugs case when she won the inter district race in her childhood. Durga now proves her real talent. Rajveer and Yashpal encourage Durga. The family also supports Durga. She becomes the inter district race champion. She gets her lost respect back by her victory. It becomes a moment of pride for everyone in the village.


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