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Meri Durga: Aarti’s coach challenges Yashpal for the race, while Yashpal trains Durga to help her relieve her sprain. Sanjay meets Durga. He gets a bad welcome. Yashpal asks Sanjay to leave. Aarti tells them that Sanjay is her guest here. Sanjay asks Aarti not to misbehave with Yashpal. Yashpal accepts the race challenge. He asks Durga to focus on her practice. Aarti asks her coach not to let Yashpal choose his track. Her coach doesn’t listen. Durga understands Yashpal has a plan to teach a lesson to her coach. Aarti also challenges Durga for the race. Durga accepts her challenge.


Anika and Bhavya have a talk. Anika tells how she used to celebrate in Diwali. Shivay gets to hear Anika’s wishes. He feels Anika’s wishes are not met till now. He plans a surprise for Anika. Rudra plays pranks on everyone. He clicks pictures of Khanna and pulls his leg. Anika gets to see Shivay’s surprise. He tells her that she will move back to his room now, she doesn’t need to get scared now. He asks Anika to forgive him for allowing her to go out of their room. He apologizes to her.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Harry tries to molest Poonam. She begs him to leave her. Poonam’s shout for help gets heard by Anami. Anami comes to rescue Poonam. She gets angered on Harry. She takes Durga avatar to teach a lesson to Harry. She breaks his hand. Dadi waits for Anami to introduce her to guests. Dadi praises Anami. Anami drags Harry and exposes his bad deed. Kamini and Pujan don’t believe anything. Anami proves Harry’s sin. Harry’s deed ashames everyone. Harry apologizes to Poonam. Anami punishes him. Kamini gets miffed with Anami.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman gets angry on Romi and Pooja. Romi acts defensive of all accusations. Raman fears for his family happiness going down after breaking Romi’s affair news. Nikhil pressurizes Raman to tell everyone about Romi. Raman gives a chance to Romi. Raman doesn’t tell anyone about Romi. Nikhil asks Raman not to cheat him. Nikhil’s moves makes Romi revengeful. Adi and Aaliya invite Mani for Diwali. Shagun gets upset with Bhallas, and doesn’t turn up. Ruhi asks Nikhil to enjoy with family. Ishita tells Mani that they are just cooperating with Ruhi to change her mind, they are not supporting their marriage. She asks Mani to explain Shagun what are their real intentions.


Naksh feels sorry for his life going through such tough time. He tells Naira that he wants to make everything fine. Naira asks him if he is really happy by marrying Kirti. Naksh tells her that he is very happy and will keep Kirti happy. Naira asks him not to tell truth to Kirti now, they will tell her everything when right time comes. She doesn’t want to snatch Kirti’s happiness. Everyone senses the problems between Naira and Kartik. Dadi asks Naira to come back home soon. Naira also wants to go back to Kartik. She wants Kartik to call her home. Kartik and Naira miss each other.


The new trainer comes to the camp. Avni gets happy seeing Neil. The family is not aware of Neil and Avni’s planning. They meet as strangers for the world. Avni gets emotional on seeing Neil after a long time. Neil trains the little kids. Neil gets to meet Mishti. He feels their connection. Vidyut scares the minister to get the desired result. He angrily shoots himself to show his wound to the police. He then kills the minister.


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