Neil and Avni’s secret plan out in Naamkarann


The new trainer comes to the camp. Avni gets happy seeing Neil. The family is not aware of Neil and Avni’s planning. They meet as strangers for the world. Avni gets emotional on seeing Neil after a long time. Neil trains the little kids. Neil gets to meet Mishti. He feels their connection. Vidyut scares the minister to get the desired result. He angrily shoots himself to show his wound to the police. He then kills the minister.

The ladies like Neil. Neil tells them that he will teach everyone self defense techniques with love. Avni tells Mishti that Neil is not bad, and he will surely teach her well. Neil flirts with the ladies, which upsets Avni. Vidyut collects the info about Avni. He finds few things missing in Ananya’s matter. He gets his wounds healed.

Vidyut’s connection with Gurumaa’s men gets revealed. Neil spreads his charm in the camp. Avni gets jealous. She refuses to participate in the games. Mishti tells Neil that her angel Avni doesn’t get scared of anyone. Neil flirts with Avni. Avni plans to save Mishti from Vidyut. She tells him that she doesn’t want Mishti to become like her. She wants a secured and happy childhood for Mishti. She keeps her marriage vows towards Neil, and wins his heart. Neil feels lucky to have a life partner like Avni, who is ready to share all his problems.


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