Drama to get high with Anjali’s return in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar becomes a Devi. She was trying to expose Bhairavi, but no one believed her. Simar was angrily going to kill Bhairavi. She stops herself from doing a crime. Mata Rani gives a lotus to Shera as a blessing. Happiness has come back in Simar’s Sasural. Sameer and Sanjana celebrate their anniversary. The family congratulates Sameer and Sanjana. Everyone gets happy for them.

Mata ji thanks the Lord for giving them happiness again. Everyone surprises the couple. Sanjana finds Sameer upset and asks the reason. He has forgot the anniversary date in his worry about Bhairavi. Sanjana manages the matter. Simar explains them the importance of marriage. She blesses them to be happy. Prem and Piyush pull their wives’ leg and ask them to forgive them when they do any mistake. Piyush also gives tips to Sameer. Roshni teases Piyush and tells his stupid secrets. They all have a laugh. Sameer and Sanjana cut the cake and celebrate. Simar gets a call and happily shares the good news. She tells them that Anjali has got conscious, they should go and meet her. Anjali will be siding with Bhairavi to trouble the family.



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