Harman-Soumya to face a new storm in Shakti


Harman sees Soumya running away with the bomb, planted by Harak. Harman pledges to save Soumya from all the disasters. He is ready to strike anything to protect his love. Harman will be saving Soumya. Harak fails in his plan to torture the kinners and force his son to come back. Harak Singh comes with a new plan to separate Harman and Soumya.

Harak gets Mohini home and tells everyone that she is his second wife. Preeto gets angry on Harak and confronts him. Mohini does drama and breaks her fast seeing Harak’s face. Preeto wants to break her Karwachauth fast with Harak. Harak tells her that this drama will surely get Harman back home. He asks her to have patience. Harak wants to get Harman’s attention, so that Harman stands for Preeto’s rights. Soumya got a tough task to complete her Karwachauth fast. Harman gets angry on the kinners. Soumya proves she is ready to give any test for Harman. Mohini will be bringing new storm in Harman and Soumya’s life.


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