IshRa nod for Ruhi’s marriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Ishita tells Raman about Romi’s move to kill Nikhil. Raman angrily beats up Romi and vents out his frustration. The Bhallas worry for their tension, while Simmi blames Ishita for this. Mrs. Bhalla has belief in Raman and Ishita. Romi doesn’t reveal anything to the family. Simmi argues with Ishita for Raman’s doings. Ishita asks Raman to share the problem with her, she can help him. Raman doesn’t tell him anything. Ishita worries.

Nikhil meets Pooja to have a deal with her. He tells her that he can get Romi for her if she helps him in getting Ruhi. Pooja learns that Nikhil knows all about her affair. Nikhil asks Pooja to meet Raman and workout their plan. Parmeet is happy that Nikhil is finally targeting Bhallas. He tries to instigate Simmi against Ishita. Ishita gets to see Raman and Pooja together in the cafe. Raman asks Pooja to end the affair with Romi. Ishita misunderstands hearing them, and thinks Raman is the one dating Pooja.

Nikhil and Ruhi talk to the pandit to get a marriage date. The elders try to postpone the marriage talk. Everyone waits for Raman and Ishita to come home and decide. Nikhil builds up pressure on the family to make them say yes. Raman defends himself in front of Pooja. Ishita knows Raman can’t have an affair with Pooja. She demands him to tell what is he hiding. They learn about Nikhil getting the pandit home to get marriage mahurat. Ruhi tells elders that she loves Nikhil a lot and wants to marry him. Ruhi gets worried and decides to marry Nikhil with or without the consent of her parents. Nikhil gets revengeful even when Ishita and Raman decide to get Ruhi married to him. He decides to ruin their respect.


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