Super twists lined in Colors’ Diwali Special


Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan sees Pankti in trouble. He loves Pankti and wants to bring light in her life now. He wants to end Pankti’s fear and sorrow. JD tries to fill fear in Pankti’s mind again. Pankti shows a rebel spark, which angers JD more. Ahaan’s life gets the aim to keep Pankti happy. He decides to make her come out of all the problems. He will be crossing all limits to secure Pankti. Pankti worries for Ahaan’s life and asks him to never meet her again. Ahaan finds some deep trouble in her life. He tells her that he can’t leave her again, as she is his friend now. He promises to save her from every problem.

Harman sees Soumya running away with the bomb, planted by Harak. Harman pledges to save Soumya from all the disasters. He is ready to strike anything to protect his love. Harman will be saving Soumya.Harak Singh comes with a new plan to separate Harman and Soumya.



Suraj aims to free Chakor from Ranvijay and get her back home. Suraj and Chakor unite, while Ranvijay eyes them again. Suraj wants to make their love free from any bandhuagiri. Suraj tries to get his family with him. Chakor and Suraj hide from Ranvijay. They play Antakshari along with everyone, when Ranvijay is not at home. They sing songs and express their love. Ranvijay comes home, and Suraj hides. Suraj is happy to do Laxmi puja and aarti along with Chakor. They celebrated Diwali well. Ranvijay spoils their happiness by announcing his marriage with Chakor, which will take place this week. Suraj determines to teach a lesson to Ranvijay.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep is playing a love game. Deep and Aarohi stay in a small house to pass the night, when their car breaks down and weather turns bad. Deep romances Aarohi. He acts extremely caring to enter her heart. Aarohi feels lucky to get a life partner like Deep. Deep is trying best to make his love look true.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth decides to celebrate diwali with Shorvori. Shorvori mocks an accident and proves she is dead. Teni gets a shock on seeing Shorvori’s car burning. She cries on losing her best friend. Teni feels totally helpless. Shorvori couldn’t limit the sorrow in Teni’s heart. Teni sits crying there. The family doesn’t know about Shorvori’s accident. The police reaches the scene and concludes Shorvori has died in the accident. Teni informs Parth that Shorvori has died. Parth receives a huge shock.


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