Time for KaiRa’s union on their first Diwali in Yeh Rishta…..


Naira meets Kartik at his office. She sees Kartik crying. They get emotional. They both got punished in love. Naira wants to end his annoyance. Kartik doesn’t melt his heart. He has lost his trust on Naira. He is much upset by her doings. Naira is trying much to convince him. They both realize their love. Naira knows Kartik can’t see Kirti hurt. Naira talks to Kirti on call and makes Kartik hear Kirti’s happiness.

Kartik wants Naira to tell Kirti the truth. When Naira tries to tell Kirti, Kartik stops her and disconnects the call. He is afraid that Kirti’s happiness will break on learning the truth. He doesn’t want Kirti to face a heartbreak. He gets confused about Naksh. Naira asks Kartik to realize Kirti is not sorrowful. She knows Kartik will get convinced soon. This time, Kartik is much serious. Naira learns about Kartik’s new project. She prays for his happiness and success.

Naira gets Suwarna’s confidential parcel, sent by her brother, which has Suwarna’s son Aryan’s pictures in it. Naira checks the envelop. Suwarna reaches her to stop in time. She doesn’t let Naira see the pictures. Naira has got a big evidence about Suwarna’s secret, but fails to know it. Naira prays in the temple and makes a mannat for everyone’s happiness.

Suwarna and Surekha keep a puja in the same temple and pray for all their children. Suwarna gets panicking when Naira gets away with the envelop. Suwarna fears for her secret to come out. Naira doesn’t see Aryan’s pictures, and gets to see some documents, belonging to Kartik. She thinks of meeting Kartik and handing over the envelop to him. Kartik gets Suwarna’s parcel containing info about her real son.

Its first Diwali for Kartik and Naira after their marriage. Dadi doesn’t want to see Kartik upset. She asks Kartik to go and get Naira back, as its their first Diwali. Rajshri also finds Naira upset, and asks her to talk to Kartik. Everyone wants Naira to come back to Goenka house. Rajshri asks Naira to end the annoyance. She asks Naira to try and talk to Kartik, some efforts have to be put in every relation to make it sustain through all problems. Goenkas look forward to celebrate their Diwali with their bahu.


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