Uttara to limit Falguni’s success in Jiji Maa


Uttara Devi wants Falguni to lose in the Fab Fashion competition. Falguni loses her model, who gets bribed by Uttara Devi. She doesn’t lose courage as she has to win the prize money for Niyati’s sake. She walks on the ramp and displays her designed saree. Falguni gets praised for her courage and wits. She wins the competition and also the money. Falguni thanks Suyash for showing this way to get her talent recognized. Later, Falguni‚Äôs money gets stolen. She recalls how she has managed to win the competition and arrange fees for Niyati.

Uttara Devi creates new trouble for Falguni. Falguni informs Suyash that she has lost the money. He offers her help, but she refuses to take money from him. Suyash falls in love with her, seeing her self esteem. Uttara Devi supports Vidhaan, who fails in the exams. Jayant worries for Vidhaan’s future. He asks Vidhaan to become responsible. Niyati worries seeing her result in her exams. Niyati feels sorry and scared to face Falguni. Suyash gets close to confess love to Falguni, but then asks her for a treat. Falguni and Suyash turn into good friends.


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