Vidyut to surprise Neil and Avni in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil play a game and try to involve Mishti to bond with her. Avni tells Mishti that they will win. Vidyut leaves for the camp to meet Ananya and Mishti. Neil and Avni have a cute romantic moment, while in the game. Avni wins the game. Neil gets informed that Gurumaa can get conscious anytime. Neil asks DD to track Gurumaa’s men. Gurumaa’s men reach the hospital to free her. Vidyut arrives at the camp to meet Mishti. He doesn’t get an entry there. Neil and Avni meet and reveal their secret plan of rescuing Mishti from Vidyut. They spend some quality time together.

Neil and Avni express their feelings. He tells him how tough it was for him to live without her. She tells him that it was all important to save Mishti. He thanks her for meeting Mishti and supporting him. She tells him that she has kept her marriage vows.

Neil and Avni recall how they have traced Vidyut and made the plan to target him to get Mishti back. Avni had decided to save Neil and Juhi’s daughter. Avni tells him that she has got Mishti to the camp by difficulty and she will not let Mishti return to Vidyut now. Neil tells her that they will take Mishti home and fool Vidyut. She doesn’t want Mishti to have a troubled childhood like hers. Avni’s step wins his heart. They plan to save Mishti from Vidyut forever. Vidyut surprises them by meeting Mishti at the camp.


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