Families to bring KaiRa together in Yeh Rishta…..

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira asks Kartik to let truth come out if he really wants. Kartik asks her why did she call now if she was sure before. Naira makes Kartik listen to Kirti. Kirti talks positive about Naksh and is happy by his gesture. Kartik gets happy when he hears Kirti sounding happy. He stops Naira from telling Kirti anything. Naira tells him that she didn’t do any mistake, but she was also unwilling to hurt Kirti’s heart. Manish sees the gifts in Suwarna’s cupboard. He questions her about it. She lies to him and manages the matter. She doesn’t see things related to her son. Kids ask Kartik and Naira to come for shopping. Kartik refuses to them. Naira tells the kids that she will take them for shopping.

Kartik thinks of joining them. Naira gives the photos back to Aryan, and asks him not to upset Kartik. Aryan thinks of asking his dad if he has sent his photo to anyone. He gets suspicious when he sees his dad in the market.

Suwarna meets her brother and tells him why she didn’t bond with her son. Naira looks for Aryan, to leave from the market. She stops Aryan before he could see Suwarna. Kartik arrives there when Naira makes a leave. Naira stays sad. Rajshri tells Naira that she should love and respect Kartik to make their relation stronger. She asks Naira to realize and take steps. Naira prepares to go to Goenka house and wishes Kartik calls her. Naksh wants Naira to go back. Dadi tells Naksh that she will send Kartik to get Naira home. Naksh hopes everything gets fine. Dadi asks Kartik to get Diwali gifts for Kirti and get Naira back. Kartik refuses to go. Dadi insists him. Everyone gets happy when Kartik expresses his love for Naira. Dadi wishes Naira comes back soon and make the Diwali special.


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