Lal Mahal loses its newly found happiness in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami learns a shocking news about Sudha. She sympathizes with Sudha and Narottam. Sudha lays a perfect trap for Anami. She tells Anami that she will give up her life. Anami stops Sudha and promises to take her to Lal Mahal to where she belongs. Pujan is happy that Anami has gone out if the house alone and plans to get her killed. He thinks of getting his dream fulfilled. The goons look for Anami. Satrupa doesn’t know what is Pujan upto. Pujan too dances happily and wants a good news to come his way.

Adhiraj follows Anami to secure her life. When Anami gets attacked, Adhiraj fights with the goons and protects her life. Anami doesn’t learn about the attack which got neutral because of Adhiraj. Pujan’s goons fail to kill Anami. Adhiraj tries to nab the culprits and know about the mastermind. Sudha gets happy when her drama succeeds. Anami tells Sudha that she will get her rights and place back in Lal Mahal. When entire Lal Mahal celebrates, Baldev and Satrupa’s happiness shrinks by Sudha’s entry. Dada ji can’t tolerate Sudha in Lal Mahal. He gets angered when Anami supports Sudha, shocking Satrupa the most.


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