Naren’s mixed feelings for Pooja in Piyaa Albela


The family gets happy with Naren and Pooja unite. Surbhi doesn’t want to believe Rahul’s plans. Rahul asks them not to worry, as Mr. Kapoor will not backstab them. They all find Pooja too smart to come in their trap. Naren surprises Pooja by confessing his love to her. Pooja and Naren’s families get happy for them. Naren mocks his love for Pooja and is still blind in hatred. He wants to take revenge from her. Surbhi tries to kill Pooja, because of her hatred and jealousy. Surbhi can’t tolerate Pooja in Naren’s life.

Naren saves Pooja’s life. Pooja and Naren’s love will be seen. Naren tells Pooja that he wants to rectify all the mistakes done in the past. Naren showers much love on her. Pooja believes Naren loves her. They have a romantic dance in the party. Pooja gets delighted seeing Naren’s good side. Naren had to get hurt and injure his hand to get Pooja’s attention. She gets restless and does the aid to his hand. Naren gets emotional seeing her tears.


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