Vidyut to counter Avni’s past in Naamkarann


Neil realizes Avni’s worth when he sees her bonding with Mishti. They plan to keep Vidyut away, but fail. Vidyut meets Avni at the camp and sees if Mishti is fine. She stops Neil from coming in his sight. Vidyut tells her that he has got info about her. She says I can tell you everything myself. He doesn’t want to trust her. She signs Neil about Vidyut. Neil hides from his sight. Vidyut gets fooled. He tells her how much info he has obtained about her. He asks her to give him all answers about her past. Neil tries to get Vidyut out of the camp. Avni tells him that she had a heartbreak and came to Goa. Neil finds Vidyut a selfish and stone hearted person like Ragini pandit. Ragini gets conscious. She wants to avoid police interrogation.

Neil and Avni spend time with Mishti. They make a plan to take Mishti home. Mishti doesn’t want to become Neil’s friend. She just trusts Avni. DD tells Neela that Neil has lied to them and is on some secret plan. They understand Neil is hiding some big matter from them. Avni tries to go for shopping.

Vidyut’s guards don’t allow her. Neil feels Vidyut can never know their plan. Bebe and Juhi get attacked by some goons. They get saved by police. Neil and Avni meet to discuss their plan. Avni’s missing fliers spread. Avni tells Neil that Ali can do anything to find her. They hide from everyone. Neil tells Avni that he will love Mishti a lot and make her forget all her sorrows. He asks her to think of keeping Ali away from their plan. Neil learns Ragini pandit has run away from the hospital. Neil’s family gets attacked by them.


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