Anami to face family’s wrath in Rishton ka Chakravyuh


Sudha makes an entry in Lal Mahal, while everyone is celebrating in Durga puja. Sudha gets ready to ruin their happiness. The family gets a huge shock on seeing Sudha. Dada ji loses his cool. Sudha’s presence turns the happiness into a moment of shock. He asks Sudha to leave. Anami tells Dada ji that she has got Sudha home to get her rights. Sudha acts innocent. Pujan gets happy that Anami’s big mistake will make her out of Lal Mahal. Dadi defends Anami, who doesn’t know anything. She scolds Narottam for changing colors and influencing Anami. Dadi asks Anami to be loyal to them, as she is their blood. Dadi doesn’t want any problems in Lal Mahal.

Sudha tells Baldev that she was waiting for him for 20 years, but he never turned up. She asks him how could he not do justice with their son Narottam. She gets sympathy from Anami. Sudha’s hidden intentions are not known to Anami. Satrupa gets affected by Baldev and Sudha’s relation.

Sudha reveals how Lal Mahal members backstabbed her and got Satrupa married to Baldev. Sudha tells them just Anami could understand their pain. She tells how Baldev promised her of lifetime togetherness. Baldev denies making any promise of marriage to Sudha. Dada ji yells on Anami for not knowing proper facts and getting their enemy home. He asks Satrupa does she still feel they should make Anami their heir. Anami defends Sudha and asks them to support Sudha. Satrupa warns Anami against changing their history. She says Lal Mahal has done justice with Sudha already. She asks Anami not to take any step against the family. Anami pities Sudha. Satrupa slaps Anami and asks her to get lost from Lal Mahal if she has to support Sudha.


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