High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Ishqbaaz: Omkara tells Shivay and Rudra that he has lost in the battle of love. Shivay asks Omkara to stay determined to get his love as they are Oberois, who never lose out. The family sees Gauri’s love for Omkara. They insist Omkara to keep trying till they convince Gauri. They all get together to stop Gauri’s marriage. Gauri too plans to avoid the marriage and is playing along to fool Ajay. Omkara does a tapasya for Gauri’s love. Gauri is upset with Omkara. Pandit asks Ajay to lift Gauri and take her to the temple by climbing the stairs. Ajay disappears. There is a rasam going on. Ajay fails to do the rasam. Gauri’s mum asks who will do the rasam now, how will it complete. Omkara does the rasam. He lifts Gauri and climbs all the stairs with ease. Rudra keeps Ajay away from Gauri.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia pays Arjun for the taxi fare. Arjun tries to help the family. He meets Kakimaa and doesn’t realize his past. Kakimaa feeds him with love. Kakimaa doesn’t identify him as he meets her in disguise. Nisha gets a shock when she sees Jhanvi’s saree. She gets into an argument with Samar. She doubts on him for playing a game with her. She asks him not to make her feel guilty. Samar feels guilty. Nisha misunderstands Samar and scolds him for still crying for Jhanvi. She blames him for trying to prove her mad and gets hand on entire property. Samar heads to the bar to have a drink and lessen his sorrow. He meets Arjun there, and gets a shock.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth can’t believe Shorvori has left her. He is living in her memories. Her death news has broken him completely. He doesn’t want to listen to Teni or anyone. He recalls all their golden memories and misses her. Parth and Shorvori’s romance will be seen in the flashback scenes. Parth believes Shorvori is alive, as he is taking a breath too. He tells everyone that he would have sensed if anything happened to Shorvori, he would have lost his breath and died too. Parth falls in sorrow. His family asks him to accept Shorvori’s death. He refuses to them. Teni swears that she is not lying.

Harman and Soumya are worried. Preeto gets into an argument with Harman when she comes to kinners house to take him home. He tells Preeto that her plannings have made him away from home, and now he can never believe his family. Soumya asks Harman to go home on Preeto’s call. He sits repairing the dhol. She tells him that Preeto really needs him. He doesn’t listen to her. Soumya learns Preeto has gone to prove herself and went to the lake to give up her life. Harman gets worried for Preeto and runs to the lake to stop her from committing suicide.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja are going to get engaged. They get romantic and have a dance. Surbhi doesn’t want them to get engaged. He sings a romantic song for Pooja. Surbhi and Pooja get into Shayari zone. Surbhi tells Pooja that everything is fair in love and war. She ignites fire to Pooja’s dress. Pooja gets in trouble. Naren and everyone rush to save Pooja. Naren saves Pooja in time. Naren tells Pooja that their love will get a name again. He has done a good planning to surprise Pooja.


Suraj tells Chakor that he has fooled Ranvijay and sent him out of the house. They both spend some quality time and romance. Ranvijay realizes Suraj planned to fool him. He understands Suraj is at home with Chakor. He quickly leaves for home to catch Suraj and kill him. He promises to make this Diwali the last one for Suraj. After a sweet argument, Suraj and Chakor join the guests and play Antakshari. Chakor confesses love to Suraj. They have a dance and celebrate. Suraj gets alert when Ranvijay comes home. Chakor hides Suraj. Suraj tries to leave.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD forces Pankti to say she loves him, which is not true. Ahaan gets into Pankti’s room while she is away. He leaves a rose for her. Pankti misses Ahaan on finding the rose. Sheetal gets suspicious when she meets Pankti in haldi function and finding same necklace as her. Anita attends the haldi ceremony. She gets angry on Aparna when the latter applies haldi to Pankti’s face. Anita learns Sheetal is JD’s wife. JD gets a shock when he sees Anita at his home. He asks her if Pankti has come along too.


Naksh and Kirti’s marriage truth comes out to everyone. Kirti gets heartbroken and leaves Singhania house. She finds tough to handle the truth. Kartik forgives Naira after learning truth from Dadi. He thinks of a plan to make it up to Naira. On seeing Kirti returning home, things between Goenkas and Singhanias begin to spoil. Kartik tries to sort out the differences with Naira.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Tarun wants to marry Saloni, but is stopped by his dad, who wants Saloni to sign an agreement that she will never ask for any property share. Tarun’s dad doesn’t believe Laila, who is a gold digger. Tarun gets helpless when Saloni waits for the mehendi from his family side. He doesn’t know what to answer her. Saloni gets worried and tells Ahana that she is pregnant. Ahana angrily goes to confront Tarun about the delay. Tarun reveals to her that his dad is forcing him to get an agreement signed by Saloni, but he doesn’t have courage to ask Saloni for it, feeling that will ashame his love.


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