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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita gets to know about Romi ordering the same bracelet as their family. The jeweler sees Romi and confirms. Ishita learns about Romi’s affair with Pooja. She slaps Romi for his mistake. She scolds him and understands why Raman is sending him to US, to keep him away from Pooja and save his marriage. She asks Romi how can he cheat Mihika. She gets angry on Raman also. She asks why did he hide this from her. She tells Romi that he trusted him so much. Romi regrets to cheat Mihika.


    Ajay warns Omkara against meeting Gauri. The family supports Omkara and tells Ajay that they are more than enough to deal with him. Shivay becomes a protective wall for Omkara’s sorrows. They all show their unity and scare Ajay. Omkara tells Shivay that Gauri doesn’t want to come back in his life, she has refused to accept his love. He tells them that they should leave as Gauri wants them to not to create any scene. Shivay and Anika tell him that they can’t lose out without facing the battle. Omkara says I have lost her. Shivay explains him that Gauri truly loves him, and true love doesn’t end in a moment like this. He explains Gauri has taken the step by pressure. They all show their belief in Gauri. They decide to find the reason behind Gauri’s decision. They convince Omkara to try till he gets his bride.

    Rishton ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha makes an entry in Lal Mahal, while everyone is celebrating in Durga puja. Sudha gets ready to ruin their happiness. The family gets a huge shock on seeing Sudha. Dada ji loses his cool. Sudha’s presence turns the happiness into a moment of shock. He asks Sudha to leave. Anami tells Dada ji that she has got Sudha home to get her rights. Sudha acts innocent. Pujan gets happy that Anami’s big mistake will make her out of Lal Mahal. Dadi defends Anami, who doesn’t know anything. She scolds Narottam for changing colors and influencing Anami. Dadi asks Anami to be loyal to them, as she is their blood. Dadi doesn’t want any problems in Lal Mahal.


    Vidyut gets angered on knowing that his men failed to kidnap Juhi. He angrily asks his men to get Juhi. He also wants his mum Ragini pandit out. Neil and Avni talk to Neela and take her help in stopping Ali from finding Avni. They reveal their plan to rescue Mishti. Neela promises to support them and is glad that Avni and Neil are together. Ali tries to find Avni, and misses to know anything. Ragini pandit kills the nurse and runs away from the hospital. While Neil plans to rescue Mishti, he gets informed by DD that Ragini pandit has escaped.


    Destiny makes the longing lovers Kartik and Naira meet. Their wish turns true. They meet and get happy. Kartik and Naira end their annoyance. He then recalls how Naksh cheated Kirti. He feels this matter has broken him down. He can’t tolerate Naksh’s cheat. He tells Naira that he feels sorrowful that she has also cheated him. He holds her responsible for hurting his sentiments. She asks him to give him a chance to rectify her mistake. He doesn’t wish to talk to her. He didn’t expect her to hide things from her. She tells him that she loves him a lot.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Paulomi frames Kanak in the wrong blames. Kanak tells Uma that Paulomi is lying. Paulomi makes a story knowing Uma’s belief on Kanak is close to breaking. Maasi tells Uma that Kanak has always opposed them. Maasi acts good in front of them. Paulomi tells Uma that Kanak has met Ved by lying to them. Kanak accepts that she has met Ved. Uma gets angry on Kanak for lying to him. Maasi asks Kanak to explain them.

    Kanak blames Maasi for playing the game and ruining their lives. She tells Uma that Maasi has used Paulomi against them, as she has poison in her heart. She tells Uma that Maasi is his enemy. Uma regrets to marry Kanak.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Tarun tries revealing the problem to Saloni. He fails to tell her anything. Anant waits for his new friend Ahana at the lake side. Ahana meets him and tells him about Saloni and Tarun’s true love. She tells she is proud of such a true bond. Laila makes a plan to trap Anant. He tells Ahana that loneliness can end by a new relation. She feels she is destined to stay lonely as him. Anant feels good when she relies on him. Laila makes a plan to invite Mathurs and bond. Ahana doesn’t know about Laila’s evil plans.

    Meri Durga:

    Rajveer tells Durga and Yashpal that he has evidence against Neelkant, which he has hidden in Neelkant’s house. He tells her that Sanjay has got the drugged jalebis for her. She believes Sanjay. She tells him that maybe Sanjay was also framed. He tells her that Sanjay cheated her. She tells him that Aarti manipulated Sanjay. Yashpal feels Sanjay is innocent, and just his family is involved. Durga makes a plan to go to Neelkant’s house and get the evidence. Rajveer also tries to support her in getting justice for her. They insist Rajveer to look after his life. Durga is sure that Sanjay never did anything against her. She thinks of informing Sanjay about the truth.


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