Rajveer risks his life for justice in Meri Durga


Rajveer tells Durga and Yashpal that he has evidence against Neelkant, which he has hidden in Neelkant’s house. He tells her that Sanjay has got the drugged jalebis for her. She believes Sanjay. She tells him that maybe Sanjay was also framed. He tells her that Sanjay cheated her. She tells him that Aarti manipulated Sanjay. Yashpal feels Sanjay is innocent, and just his family is involved. Durga makes a plan to go to Neelkant’s house and get the evidence. Rajveer also tries to support her in getting justice for her. They insist Rajveer to look after his life. Durga is sure that Sanjay never did anything against her. She thinks of informing Sanjay about the truth.

Yashpal stops her from risking Rajveer’s life. He asks her not to get emotional, as their plan can fail. She thinks of getting evidence and then expose Neelkant. Rajveer reaches Neelkant’s house to get the evidence. Sanjay helps him and takes care of him. Durga and Yashpal get worried knowing Rajveer has gone to Neelkant’s house and risked his life to prove Durga’s innocence. Rajveer informs Durga his plan. Durga and Yashpal try to stop Neelkant and Gayatri from reaching home. Sanjay doesn’t know Rajveer’s plan. Sanjay tells Rajveer about the old antique things kept in storeroom. Rajveer looks for the chest to get the evidence.


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