Jia to connect with Arjun in Woh Apna Sa

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Jia recalls Aditya’s singing a song for Jhanvi. She gets flashes of her past. Arjun gets drunk at the bar. Jhanvi promises to take revenge from Nisha and Samar. Jia brings happiness in Kakimaa’s life. She wants to make Kakimaa’s future better. She tells Kakimaa that she has got all her answers, and now she feels lucky. She understands the purpose of her life. She promises to get them their rights. Samar gets thinking about Arjun. He is sure that Aditya has come back. Nisha scolds Samar for not handling himself after getting over drunk.

Samar reveals to Nisha that he has seen Aditya at the bar. Nisha doesn’t believe him as he was drunk at that time. She asks him not to feel guilty, Jhanvi and Aditya are dead. She misunderstands Samar’s intentions. Samar tries hard to make her believe him. Jia tries to make everything fine. Chini gets happy to get Jia’s love. They get prepared to expose Nisha. Nisha gets a huge shock on finding news relating to her past. Jia keeps her identity discrete and reveals about Nisha’s crimes. Jia gets to see Arjun dancing in a procession. She gets a shock seeing her Aditya, and realizes Aditya is reborn as Arjun.






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