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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Nikhil convinces Ruhi to come and meet him. Ruhi takes Simmi’s help to go. Aaliya tries to go with Ruhi, but Simmi hurts her to stop her from coming along. Simmi sends Ruhi to meet Nikhil. Nikhil surprises Ruhi with an intention to trap her in love. Nikhil thanks Ruhi for coming in his life. He acts insecure that she will leave him. She promises to be with him always.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Satrupa and Anami get into a heated argument. Anami asks Satrupa to understand Sudha’s ill state and give her a place in Lal Mahal. Satrupa asks Anami to get out of Lal Mahal. She slaps Anami for her foolish stubbornness. Anami tells her that she wants justice for Narottam and Sudha. Satrupa tells Anami that she doesn’t want her. Pujan gets happy with Satrupa’s decision.

Anami gets reminded by Adhiraj that she is given special rights by the court. She threatens Satrupa of dire consequences. Adhiraj tells them that if Anami leaves the house, their bank accounts will be freezed, which will ruin Royal Steels. Dada ji gets angry on Anami for ruining their peace. Anami keeps the condition to accept Sudha if they want the settlement done peacefully.


Shivay learns Gauri was adopted by her mum. He learns her was called Chutki in ashram. He gets interested to know about Chutki’s sister. Anika dreams of her sister, and finds Gauri by her side. She feels sisterly love for Gauri. Obros have a moment of fun and love. Omkara thanks Shivay for changing his decision in time and making him stay back to get Gauri. Shivay asks him to promise that he will not lose in love. Shivay tells Omkara that he can adjust for his brother’s sake. Rudra finds hard to adjust. Shivay asks Rudra to see Omkara’s problems and understand him. They have a sweet moment.


Kartik and Naira have annoyance between. Kartik vents out his anger on Aryan, which upsets Aryan a lot. Devyaani scolds Kirti for feeding sweets to Naksh. Kirti learns he is diabetic. Naksh tells everyone that he couldn’t refuse to Kirti when she fed sweets with love. Devyaani apologizes to Kirti. Dadi worries for the distance between Kartik and Naira increasing. Surekha tells Suwarna that they should help Kartik’s annoyance end, so that he stays happy. They find Kartik and Naira unhappy, and smiling for their sake. Kartik and Naira argue indirectly. The kids get troubled by them.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Saloni begs Tarun to marry her. He tells her that he truly loves her and he is ready to leave his house for her. Saloni gets happy. Laila tells Saloni that Tarun will never leave his family for her. She declares the marriage won’t happen. Ahana argues with Laila for Saloni’s marriage. Laila’s greed makes her blind. She doesn’t want to allow Saloni and Tarun’s marriage if she gets nothing in return. Saloni faints in tension. Laila calls off the marriage. Ahana tells Laila that Saloni is pregnant, and now they have to get her married to Tarun.

Meri Durga:

Durga and Yashpal stop Gayatri from going home. Gayatri acts good to keep up her public image. She does the aarti and puja in hospital temple. Aarti happens to come to Sanjay’s house, when Rajveer is present there. She gets a huge shock on seeing Rajveer alive. She fears her truth will come out. Sanjay is happy that Rajveer is fine. Aarti learns that Sanjay knew this truth from Durga. She asks Rajveer to stay back at home and let them call doctor. She plans to stop Rajveer from going away. Rajveer gets help from Durga.

Durga and Rajveer happen to get the kalash which holds the evidence. Rajveer takes the evidence from the kalash, while Durga keeps Sanjay and Aarti busy. Rajveer gets happy and aims to expose Neelkant. Neelkant and Gayatri reach home and see their enemy home. Neelkant threatens Rajveer. Durga worries for Rajveer’s life. Yashpal waits for Durga and Rajveer. Aarti tries to upset Durga. Neelkant doesn’t let Rajveer go. Rajveer takes a leave from them. Neelkant sends his goons after Rajveer and Durga.


Ali doesn’t reveal anything to Vidyut. Neela stops Ali from failing Neil’s plan. Vidyut gets a call from Ragini pandit. She has escaped from police sight. She informs him her location. He decides to go and get her. She asks him not to leave Mishti. She asks him to just send help. He sends his men to get his mum back. DD makes Juhi talk to Neil. They reveal their plan to fake Juhi’s death, to save her from Ragini pandit and Vidyut. Neil tells Juhi that her life will be secured now. He promises to get Mishti back to her soon.

Juhi gets grateful to him for doing so much for her. Neil tries to bond with Mishti. He makes Juhi see their daughter on video call. Juhi gets too delighted to see Mishti.


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