Neil hatches a plan to distract Vidyut in Naamkarann


Ali doesn’t reveal anything to Vidyut. Neela stops Ali from failing Neil’s plan. Vidyut gets a call from Ragini pandit. She has escaped from police sight. She informs him her location. He decides to go and get her. She asks him not to leave Mishti. She asks him to just send help. He sends his men to get his mum back. DD makes Juhi talk to Neil. They reveal their plan to fake Juhi’s death, to save her from Ragini pandit and Vidyut. Neil tells Juhi that her life will be secured now. He promises to get Mishti back to her soon.

Juhi gets grateful to him for doing so much for her. Neil tries to bond with Mishti. He makes Juhi see their daughter on video call. Juhi gets too delighted to see Mishti. Vidyut makes an entry in the camp again. Juhi gets big shock seeing him. Neil sees Vidyut and hides from him. Juhi fears she will lose Mishti. Vidyut decides to take Mishti with him. Avni goes with him. Juhi tells Neil that Vidyut will not release Mishti.

Neil gets adamant to get Mishti back. Neil decides to go in casino opening party. Neela reveals to Ali about Neil and Avni’s problem. Ali decides to help them in getting Mishti. Neil makes a plan to distract Vidyut by using Ragini pandit. Vidyut doesn’t want his mum to get caught by police. Avni gets angry on him. Vidyut yells on her for interfering in his life. He tells Avni that he will take Mishti to the event. Neil reveals his plan to Avni. They get together to face Vidyut.


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