Rudra yearns to get Bhavya’s forgiveness in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets upset with Shivay. He finds her sad. He apologizes to her. He tells her that he will always love her even when she gets old after many years. They have a moment. She was insecure thinking she will get old and lose his love. Shivay sweetly talks and lessens her insecurities. They share a cute moment. He makes her feel he is made just for her. She gets emotional hearing his beautiful words. She feels he has changed a lot. She just listens to him and feels its her true love that has changed Shivay. Shivay tells her that he will always be with her.

Shivay expresses his love for Anika. They have a moment of peace after much chaos in Bareilly. He tells her that love will increase with time, till they get old, their love will reach new heights. She agrees to end her insecurities. They make a plan to get Gauri back in Omkara’s life.

On the contrary, Rudra and Bhavya’s arguments don’t end. Rudra is still mistaken that Bhavya is married to Manav. A little boy gets stuck between them. He takes their messages to each other. He gets tired and asks Rudra to talk to Bhavya himself. Rudra wants to give her a sorry card and apologize to Bhavya. When she comes in front of him, he acts rude and tears the card. She tells him that his attitude and apology can’t melt her heart. She is hurt by his misbehavior. Rudra will soon learn that Bhavya didn’t get married to Manav, and realize his mistake of ruining her career. Will Bhavya be able to forgive him? Keep reading.


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