Sarla dreams to get Preeta-Karan married in Kundali Bhagya

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Sarla wishes Karan and Preeta to get married. She talks to Karan’s mother about the alliance. Karan’s mother accepts the alliance, as she knows Karan likes Preeta. They both get mistaken about Karan and Preeta’s friendship. They are not aware that Karan and Preeta are just trying to save Rishabh from marrying a wrong girl. They both know Sherlyn loves someone else and are trying to find her boyfriend.

Sherlyn has kept the fast for her boyfriend, instead Rishabh. She hides her affair from everyone. Preeta hears Sherlyn’s conversation and makes a plan with Karan to expose Sherlyn. Rishabh doesn’t know about Sherlyn’s love. Preeta keeps an eye on Sherlyn. Kareena sees Karan and Preeta together, but they cover up their plan. Sarla tells Shrishti that she wants to get Karan and Preeta’s friendship turn into a relation. Shrishti also confirms witnessing Karan and Preeta’s love.

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