Moment of guilt and sorrow for Obros in Ishqbaaz

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Anika tries to keep the girls away from Shivay. He tells her that she is also young. She realizes she is still the same, but the old woman role is making her get random thoughts. She asks him to fight with her to make her feel neutral. She makes Shivay throw water on her. She feels happy that things are still the same. Her happiness gets down when he laughs on her funny side. This breaks her heart. Shivay feels guilty of his doings. He tries to convince Anika. She tells him that she has realized he won’t love her when she gets old. She feels disturbed by the thought. She tells him that she knows he has lost his interest in her. He tells her that its just her misunderstanding.

Omkara and Gauri complete the ritual at the temple. He wants to rectify his mistakes. He asks her to give him a last chance to make everything fine. She tells him that she can’t get her trust back on him.

She doesn’t want to believe in his love. She tells him that she is not deserving of him, and she has always felt that Omkara doesn’t respect her. She tells him that he will always misunderstand her. He tells her that he has faced a lot in his life, he has seen his parents’ marriage in trouble, so his thinking was such. She tells him that Shivay and Anika are each other’s strength as they never show their flaws.

She believes they can never become like Shivika. She tells him that their distance can never get less. Gauri tells Omkara that he can’t tolerate her marrying someone, so he is taking this step to stop her marriage. Omkara finds Gauri true. He feels he is paying for his mistakes. He feels responsible for her tears. Ajay learns Gauri has done the rasam with Omkara. He threatens her that he will break Richa and Mukesh’s marriage. He asks her to remember whom is she marrying.

Rudra falls in trouble when his moustache is about to fall. Bhavya comes to his help, but he gets into an argument with her, by misunderstanding her. She explains him how she was helping him. He feels she is taking revenge from him. Bhavya gets hurt by his insulting remarks. He then realizes she was helping him. He feels sorry to doubt on her. He thinks to apologize to her. Shivay tells Bhavya that Anika got annoyed with him. He tells the silly matter troubling Anika. Bhavya suggests him to explain Anika. She tells him that girls think such things always. Rudra tries to apologize to her. Bhavya asks Shivay to understand Anika and boost her confidence by his strong love. She reminds Shivay that Anika doesn’t have her own family. Shivay plans to make up to Anika.


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