Naksh plans a surprise for Kirti in Yeh Rishta…


Manish scolds Naira and asks her how can she find Naksh right. He says anyone can support Naksh, but I will not forget this, we will call media and police and expose Naksh, who is just like Aditya. Naksh feels shattered. Manish tells Naksh that he will never send Kirti with him, and its Kirti’s decision too. Naira defends Naksh. She tells Manish that Naksh didn’t cheat Kirti, he can never hurt Kirti. Kartik and Naira’s relation gets bonding again. They both get together to make the school project of kids.

Dadi wants Kartik and Naira to bring Kirti and Naksh together. Dadi is upset with Manish’s decision. Dadi believes Naksh can keep Kirti happy. Naksh stays outside Goenka house and calls Kirti to talk once. Manish fails Naksh’s attempts every time. Kirti tells everyone that she wants to go US. She gets heartbroken. Naksh wants to give a surprise to Kirti, so that she gets independent and fulfills her dreams. Naksh’s surprise will clear Kirti’s misunderstandings.


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